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Find You True Love...

Psychotic or Not

Bleach Match Rating... Find Your True Love
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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Bleach_Matchup community! Like most stamping communities, here you can find an application and rate other users and get stamps, but this time it's to see who your Bleach 'true love' character is. Just fill out the application below and other members of the community will read over it and decide who they think best suits you and your personality! Just please remember to read the rules, and above all else, have fun!

And remember to participate and vote in other people's applications, this community won't succeed if we only have people posting applications and not actually rating. If we see this happening, you likely won't get any votes in your app at all. Don't make us put up a new rule to limit this :)

The list of characters can be found
here (if we are missing anyone please let us know!) and contact a mod if you have any questions at all!

1. This is for Bleach matchmaking rating not character rating...
2. Beware spoilage. If you haven't read the manga, I suggest you do at Naruto7.com .
3. No flaming or you will be banned indefinitely.
4. Rate as correctly as possible in your opinion; just because someone sees that character fits someone doesn't mean you have to join the bandwagon. If you do not like who you've been paired with, please reapply in two weeks.
5. Upload your stamp on your own account, if we find you're hotlinking you will be banned.
6. Bold all votes.
7. Surveys must be LJ-Cut-ed.
8. To prove you have read the rules put 18881 in the title. Do not add or take away.
9. Complete the survey in a post.
10. Rate regularly, after all that's what this place is for.
11. You must achieve 7 votes for one person or the maximum after seven days. Once that occurs, you're stamped with your true love or... True Enough love. ;)
12. Now it is required you submit 3 links where you have rated. Click here for more information. If for some reason there aren't 3 applications for you to rate, just say that at the end of your app, we'll understand :) Don't forget to check previous pages though!
13. Do not rate someone who has already been stamped, there's no point in that

Then this isn't necessarily a rule, but something that would be incredibly helpful. After you are officially stamped, if you could edit the subject of your thread so that the word 'STAMPED' is added on to it, that would be really helpful to those who are looking for applications to rate. Like I said, not mandatory but would be incredibly helpful!

If you have any questions or problems with the coding (like bolding your votes or anything) feel free to visit the little min FAQ here





This or That

You are a...
Leader or Follower:
Hero or Villian:
Quiet or Loud:
Extroverted or Introverted:
Looks or Personality:

He/She is a...
Leader or Follower:
Hero or Villian:
Quiet or Loud:
Extroverted or Introverted:
Looks or Personality:

Favorite Character (why?):
Favorite Episode of Bleach (why?):
Looking for male or female?:

Misc. Questions
Explain how you would have met him or her.:
Did you save him/her or did he/she save you?:
Explain your ideal first date:
Links of Rated:


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